Ben Roethlisberger

The Fall of Ben Roethlisberger

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell got his man on Wednesday. He suspended Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the first six games of the 2010 season and in the process, offered some interesting comments on how we arrived to this point.

Goodell’s comments on the matter were on point:

“In your six years in the NFL, you have first thrilled and now disappointed a great many people. I urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity to get your life and career back on track.”

While he made several more comments, Goodell’s comments spoke volumes for the current plight of Ben Roethlisberger’s career.

Here is a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for one of the league’s marquee franchises essentially making a spectacle of himself. Thus, Goodell had to shut him down.

The issuing of the six-game hiatus begins what should be an intriguing next few months for the Steelers.

Reports are circulating that they are open to trading Roethlisberger for a Top 10 pick in this year’s draft.

St. Louis? Oakland? Buffalo? It may very well be a difficult deal to pull off at this point but it speaks volumes as to just how far Big Ben’s stock has fallen.

The Steelers are willing to cut ties with their 28-year-old quarterback and potentially rupture their franchise for the next few years just to rid themselves of this black eye.

It’s hard to believe that just 14 months ago this man led one of the great drives in Super Bowl history. Now, he is one step closer to being out of Pittsburgh.

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