New England Patriots

Tom Brady Alerts Pats Fans To Start Drinking Early

Since I was a little JMRA, I was able grasp the concept of the 4pm start time for east coast teams and what exactly that entails.

Late start times equal heavy drinking well before games begin.

If a game start at 4:15pm, tailgaters may get there at 10am and eventually end up drinking from something called an octabong beer bong.

Keenly aware of this fact, Tom Brady encouraged fans to start drinking early in preparation for New England’s home opener versus San Diego in Foxborough on Sunday.

Yeah, start drinking early. Get nice and rowdy. 4:15 game, lot of time to get lubed up. Come out here, and cheer for the home team.

New England’s PR team attempted to clean up Brady’s comments by stating the two-time NFL MVP meant “‘stay hydrated, drink a lot of water. Be loud, drink responsibly.'”

I’m sure Brady’s thoughts did not allude to fans drinking a 32-ounce bottle of Poland Spring water. His course of action involves dehydration and getting hammered.

Nice effort though Patriots spin team.

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