New England Patriots

Close Your Eyes Eagles Fans, A Super Bowl Champions T-Shirt Emerges


This time last year, I joked about New England set to become a budding dynasty in third world countries if they lost another Super Bowl.

Back in 2005, the Patriots were in the business of winning Super Bowls. One of their victims proved to be the Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bowl XXXIX saw the Eagles lose to the Patriots 24-21 in Jacksonville, Florida.

While the Eagles ended up on the losing side, a Super Bowl XXXIX champions shirt appeared on Darren Rovell’s Twitter on Thursday night with the Eagles boldly emblazoned on the front.

Incredibly, the owner of this shirt is a Patriots fan.

Of course, Super Bowl XXXIX is best known for being the game that Donovan McNabb “may or may not have thrown up” during as the Eagles took their sweet time trying to score in the game’s final minutes.

Perhaps if McNabb and the Eagles put some pep in their step, a few thousand of their fans would own these shirts.

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