New York Jets

NFL Starts Tebow Tracker That Shows Who Doesn’t Want Tim Tebow


America’s favorite third-string quarterback is currently unemployed and seems determined to draw pageviews from Tim Tebow’s misfortune.

Soon after Tebow was released by the Jets earlier this week, released “Tebow Tracker,” a way to follow what teams may or may not be interested in the former Bronco and Jet quarterback.

Here is a summary of the work:

  • Patriots – Bill Belichick was interested in Tebow in 2010. 
  • Redskins – Pat White once played RGIII in practice, why not Tebow?
  • Browns – Cleveland might enjoy a mobile quarterback.
  • Dolphins – Maybe. They want to sell tickets.*

Let me reiterate a key point in all of this.

If Tebow could truly play, he would be on a roster.

Lastly, what is Tebow most known for at this point of his career?

Being a distraction or being a contributor to a team?

*Sound logic except for one part. Typically, you have to play to sell tickets. If The Black Keys are sitting in my background, I’m not interested. If they are playing music instead, then yes. 

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