I’m a lover of all things involving the National Football League. My basic core principles about football are simple:

  • The ’89 49ers are the greatest team of all-time.
  • Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all-time.
  • Jim Brown is the greatest player of all-time
  • The 1991 Philadelphia Eagles are the best single season defense ever.
  • Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all-time.
  • Tom Brady is the second greatest quarterback of all-time.

Other life philosophies…

  • Go with what you know.
  • Practice the 10,000 hour rule…with something (knitting, video games, writing, driving, etc.)
  • Miami Vice never gets enough credit. People copied the show’s formula repeatedly (see Stallone, Sylvester).
  • You’re entitled to nothing. Go out and work for it.
  • Ryan Howard is better than Chase Utley. People still argue this and it’s somewhat annoying.

As long as one understands that these guidelines are the foundation for my love of the NFL and life, we’ll get along just fine. In my spare time, I work at a college radio station and also do some freelance writing on the side. As someone once said, “life is a cabaret.” However, this is only true when the NFL is involved.

For questions or content inquiries, contact Derek Jones at derekljones79@gmail.com.

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  1. As a Joe Montana Fan, you might not know that the Vikings Linebacker Ben Leber is Joe Montana’s cousin. Joe’s father and Ben’s grandfather were first cousins and grew up together in New Eagle, Pennsylvania in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

    • Ben Leber is Joe Montana’s cousin???? This is tremendous. Maybe I’ll start another site similar to this one called BenLebersArms.com?

  2. Righton about Jim Brown . i saw Jim Borwn play in his prime. My dad and I had Eagles season tickets from 1960-1966. Then we had seaosn season for the Falcons from 1967-1969. I am a Philly kid we moved to atlanta in december 1966.

  3. Great blog! I love your passion for the NFL and all of football. It really takes a devoted person to write so much. I am a bit like you. I am a 12 year-old sportswriter, who has been blogging for nearly three years. I have posted over 270 times, about everything, and I am looking to grow a big fan base, just like you. Maybe you can help, follow me at sportstalkwithari.com. I have already followed you.

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