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Video of the Day: Calvin Johnson Was Robbed

We’ll have more on this later on Monday but the Calvin Johnson play is crazy. Did the officials honor the rule? Yes. Was it the right call? Yes, but not really. Poor Detroit.

Video of the Day: Jets Rookie Gets Hazed

Last night on HBO’s Hard Knocks, rookie Jets defensive back Brian Jackson drew the ire of secondary coach Dennis Thurman and eventually his teammates. They responded to the rook with some good-old fashioned hazing. At one point, it looks like he got hit with a mix of Gatorade, […]

Video of the Day: Sly Moves

We can thank Bill Simmons for pointing out this ode to Sylvester Stallone’s film career. Bob Seger’s Night Moves gets destroyed thanks to Stallone’s film career and an amusingly off-key singer. Besides the goofiness of this clip, there is just waaaaaay too much usage of Stallone’s Rhinestone with […]

Video of the Day: The Expendables

Whether it finishes one or 100, you should spend $10.50 or whatever outrageous price they charge at your local theater to go see The Expendables. The biggest reason? Unless I’m missing something, this is the first movie featuring both Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren since Rocky IV. That’s […]

Video of the Day: Joe & Jerry

The Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend was a success with plenty of cool moments including the Steelers showing up in support of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau; Rickey Jackson’s derby; Emmitt Smith’s stirring speech; and watching highlights of Russ Grimm blow people off the line of scrimmage.