If the Left One Doesn’t Get You…

To the surprise of no one the New England Patriots placed the franchise tag on quarterback Matt Cassel as an insurance policy to the returning Tom Brady for the 2009 season. The possibility still exists that Cassel could be traded or signed by another team but they would […]

Video of the Day: Sugar Ray

My only gripe about the Patriots is that they ruined the players being introduced individually at the Super Bowl. I miss them.  Let’s go back to Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa. Go to the Lewis introduction at the end. He looks certifiably insane. Clearly, the Giants had no […]

Warner Mulling Options

While Kurt Warner is saying that he’ll need some time to mull things over, the Arizona Republic is singing a different tune. One of the hold ups over Warner’s potential return is a new contract from the Cardinals, which should be a relatively easy decision for a team […]

Terrible Towel + Buzzsaw = Ratings

The largest viewing audience ever for a Super Bowl witnessed Pittsburgh’s 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night, according to Nielsen Media Research. A record 98.7 million viewers tuned into NBC on Sunday, surpassing last year’s Super Bowl between New England and the New York Giants […]

The Dicky Lombardi Trophy

So, what does it say about the Super Bowl MVP, when he refers to the man the championship trophy is named after as “Dicky” Lombardi? According to the New York Post, Holmes referred to Vince Lombardi as “Dicky” Lombardi twice during a ceremony on Monday. Hopefully that mistake […]