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Kurt Warner Brings Everyone Back To Reality

A reporter asked Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner if this Steelers team was a dynasty. Thankfully and rightfully he said no. In today’s media, everyone loves hyperbole. Let us calm down on dynasty talk for this Steelers team. Sure, they’ve won two in four years but this group is far from a dynasty.

Let’s see them win back to back titles. Most importantly, let’s see them beat the Patriots in a meaningful spot in the playoffs. Pittsburgh’s two title wins came in years where the Patriots were trying to three-peat (which has never happened during the Super Bowl era) and when Tom Brady got injured in the first game of the year.

Hey Pittsburgh, congrats on the “six-pack” but be sure to give a high five to your NBA cousins the ’94-’95 Houston Rockets. Remember them? They were the team that won two straight NBA titles while Michael Jordan was in retirement. They never won again after he returned or even made back to the NBA Finals for that matter.

The Steelers may return to the Super Bowl in a few years but people, let’s relax.

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