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More Warner to the Hall Discussion

Here is a brief article from the New York Times posted following the Super Bowl about Kurt Warner’s chances to make the Hall of Fame. Listen, I made my thoughts perfectly clear in the earlier post about Warner’s credentials but I’ll say this. For the people who said “he had to win this game”, are you going to penalize him because the Cardinals defense couldn’t make one more stop to win the game after he somehow grabbed the lead for the team with about two and a half minutes left?  Seems like an absurd argument. His two Super Bowl losses are to guys who have combined to win five rings.

He didn’t play well in the Patriots loss. Yet, he played well enough to win the last one. Granted, the cruel irony of this discussion is that the Harrison play may ultimately keep him out which is crazy. Again, Warner is a Hall of Famer. He’s not a first ballot guy but he should get in.

Plus, keep this in mind. In Super Bowl XXXVI, after playing a rather average game, he led the team back from trailing 17-3 to tie the game only to see his defense allow a relatively inexperienced fellow named Tom Brady drive the field and set the Pats up for the game-winning field goal.

Meanwhile, in Super Bowl XLIII, he left the field up by three with just over two minutes left. His defense not only gave up a lengthy drive but allowed a go-ahead touchdown when the Steelers just needed a field goal to tie. Warner can’t be held accountable for his defenses failing during the season’s biggest moments.

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