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Crabtree’s Foot Has Stress Fracture…Panic Ensues

Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree will hold off any surgery to his injured foot until after his Pro Day on March 26.

Tests showed a minor stress fracture in Crabtree’s left foot but he’ll need surgery at some point to prevent the injury from getting worse including a screw inserted into his foot.

Once he gets surgery, he’ll be out for up to 10 weeks. That will mean he’ll miss some OTA’s leading up to his team’s training camp including rookie minicamp. Then of course there is the whole matter of getting him signed which will be another ordeal.

Considering how easily swayed scouts and team management can be, don’t be surprised if his draft status is impacted in some way. By the time he gets surgery, it’ll probably be shortly before the draft. Thus,  it’s likely to be early in his recovery process.

Remember, this is a top five draft pick potentially. Teams could panic and let him slide down the board on a bit. He’ll still be a quality choice but he may drop on Draft Day.

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