arizona cardinals

Warner To Return…We Think

Kurt Warner told the Arizona Republic over the weekend that he is likely to return to action next season. Helping bring Warner to his senses potentially is a contract in the neighborhood of $10 to $12 million, which would make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Thus, things might finally be on the rebound for Arizona. If they can re-sign Warner, that leaves Anquan Boldin’s ordeal and linebacker Karlos Dansby to deal with.

The Cardinals are one of the biggest storylines in the offseason because they came out of nowhere to nearly win the Super Bowl and after all, they were just 9-7 last season. Hence, there is massive room for improvement on their behalf.

The morale to this story is simple for Warner. When in doubt, just walk it out with Ellen DeGeneres.

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