Dallas Cowboys

T.O. Is No More.

The Cowboys ended the Terrell Owens era Wednesday night  by releasing the star receiver, according to ESPN.

Wednesday’s headlines went to Kurt Warner’s return to the desert and Ray Lewis signing a deal to stay in Baltimore. Get ready for the barrage of Owens related stuff Thursday.

Ultimately, someone had to pay for the failure of Dallas not winning a playoff game in the three seasons Owens was in Dallas. Someone had to be the fall guy and clearly T.O.’s time was running out. Hence, this triggers two of the most intriguing storylines to the 2009 season.

First of all, where does T.O. go? Secondly, how long do we have to wait before the tell-all interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that slams Tony Romo. I’ll presume that’s somewhere around the corner. Until then, get your popcorn ready.

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