Top 10 Moments of the 2008 Season

The Top 10 Moments of the 2008 Season: #2

We’ve counted down the NFL season’s most memorable moments in 2008 and have finally closed in on the top two.

2. Santonio Six-Pack: Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl In Frantic Super Bowl XLIII Finish

Unless your town is missing Steeler fans (there’s an 80-20 chance against it) or your perhaps detached from mainstream society altogether, you know the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl title with a dramatic 4th quarter comeback win, 27-23, over the Arizona Cardinals.

In case you’ve forgotten any of the game details, find the nearest member of Steeler Nation and they’ll be glad to remind you of the game in all of its brilliance.

However, while Holmes’  catch was perhaps the season’s most spectacular play, it’s not the biggest moment of the 2008 season. One incident loomed greater than the rest…

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