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Video of the Day: Schedule Day!

Yesterday was such a downer because of Harry Kalas’ death. At least today provides a brief glimpse of joy as the NFL releases it schedule tonight at 7pm on a variety of cable outlets. Today’s video homage is to the regular season game that sold me on the NFL. The year was 1989 and the San Francisco 49ers paid a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles at the dungeon that was known as Veterans Stadium.

Hall of Famers – check.

Great defenses – check.

Rabid crowd – check.

Montana and Rice in their prime – check.

Insane 4th quarter comeback from the Niners – check.

By the way, the whole game is online if you’re sold on part one of 16. Also, pay attention to the 7:40 mark. Montana beats a big Eagles blitz with a perfect pass to Rice, who for some reason was covered by one of the worst cornerbacks of the 80s, Izell “Toast” Jenkins. Woops.

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  1. 49ers got a tough mid-season schedule, with an easier end of season schedule..What are you general thoughts on what are record will look like? Another 7-9 season? Joe Montana thinks we’ll be 8-8

  2. Eh, I could see them going 9-7 with a few breaks. It’s not a ridiculously hard schedule. With six games against the NFC West and four versus the NFC North, they might be able to get over .500.

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