Best of NFL Tweets

Twitter is amazing. Not only can you find this esteemed website tweeting via @joemsrightarm but it is fun to find out what hi-jinx athletes might be up to. Courtesy of athletetweets.com, here is a recap of some NFL player tweets you might find enjoyable…with a little commentary on my part.

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington: 


Fabian, I’m glad you asked me. I’ll go to the “Romance Lounge” on the 107th floor at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and my date that evening is ’98 Katie Holmes, not the current version sadly…just too much psychological issues with Cruise. However, Dawson’s Creek Holmes?!?! Where do I sign?

Larry Fitzgerald:

@AntonioPierce u better be in top shape this year cuz we owe u one 4 u guys beatin us last year in az!Any word this week on marcus? pull your weight for me over there bruh! im bankin on you! lol

Had the Giants played Arizona last year in the playoffs, I’m somewhat confident the Cards would have won in the Meadowlands. Granted, it would have been the second straight week in the eastern time zone for the Cards but after watching two Eli Manning playoff games in the Meadowlands, can you say with much confidence he would have played well? Plus, the Giants pass rush was a no-show late in the year, that wouldn’t have worked out covering Boldin and Fitz in the title game.

Champ Bailey of Denver Broncos fame:

“it sucks when potato chip bags are half full!”

No Champ. You know what stinks? Your defense from last season and the fact that Denver is becoming the new Titanic of the NFL. It also stinks that your team may have one of the top 10 picks in the ’10 draft. Also, are those Baked Lays? Otherwise, put the chips down. They are bad for you.

Kevin Boss, Giants tight end:

“Sitting next to my favorite trainer Leigh weiss on our way to the Yankees game!!!”

Boss watched a 3-2 loss to the Washington Nationals. Good thing he didn’t pay for those tickets…or get knocked out by a home run ball in right field for that matter.




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