First and 10

First and 10: Today’s Ten Best Links – July 14

Today’s links to live by…

  1. Romo/Simpson: First, Terrell Owens leaves and now the courtship of Jessica Simpson ends. It has been a banner offseason for Tony Romo.
  2. Trade talks: The Minnesota mutiny over the potential arrival of Brett Favre could be here.
  3. Raven retires: Baltimore wide receiver Derrick Mason announced his retirement yesterday.
  4. More McNair: William C. Rhoden chimed in on the way Steve McNair should be remembered.
  5. G.O.A.T.: Andre Rison says he is the greatest of all-time. No, really.
  6. Erin’s Greatest Hits: A list of Erin Andrews’ greatest moments.
  7. M.V.P.: The Bleacher Report offers up 10 candidates for the 2009 NFL MVP award.
  8. MMQB: Peter King had the week off again. Filling in for him was none other than Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley.
  9. She’s back again: Sarah Palin wrote an op-ed piece┬áin today’s Washington Post regarding Barack Obama’s cap and tax plan.
  10. Witness!: Another witness from LeBron-gate. Man up LBJ. You’ve been dunked on before.

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