Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews and the 21st Century

Sadly, I can’t say that I’m shocked to see some┬ápervert take a peephole video of Erin Andrews and post it for all of the world to see. We don’t live in a buttoned up culture anymore and it’s full steam ahead in terms of access to people, places, and things.

The Andrews situation underscores a major problem though. We live in a society of unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Everyone wants more of something because they are unhappy and trying to fill some void; money, drugs, sex, media attention, etc. People will not stop until their ultimate destination is reached, whatever that may be.

Seeing Andrews in a dress at the ESPYs or on the sideline at a college football game isn’t enough for people. Nope. Someone is out there to always up the ante.

Some are perhaps blaming bloggers and the fever for all things Andrews. I’m not sure that is the appropriate tact. All of the analyzing of her dress, appearance, eating habits, and etc., where all done in some sort of fun-natured spirit. Yet, this peeping tom incident is certainly below the belt in poor taste.

Andrews, who now will probably be in hiding for quite sometime until this blows over, is going to experience one of two career tracks after this incident.

  1. Either she will become a bigger entity from this.
  2. Or…her career will flame out quickly.

The photo above (courtesy of from the New York Post and accompanying yellow arrow is a part of this lowest common denominator media coverage. Pure filth. Other outlets are taking an equally distasteful position by telling you how awful this video is and how degrading it is but then running clips of it.

She is unlike anything we’ve seen before in sideline reporting. Granted, we’ve seen pretty faces aplenty. From the early days of the NFL Today on CBS with Phyllis George to Lesley Visser to Jill Arrington. Andrews is a perfect storm of sports knowledge, sex appeal, and “it”. Unfortunately though, constantly bowing at the altar of E.A. has led us to today’s events.

Having said all of that, there is so no possible justification for some fool to use his peephole camera and invade her privacy; and now the somewhat over the top exposure this video is receiving. The bottom line is the guilty part should have the book thrown at him.

We live in an age of perversion thanks to the internet. Boys and girls, welcome to the 21st century. Sometimes, it’s not such a fun place.

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