First and 10

First and 10: Today’s Ten Best Links – August 11

Take a look at these links as you prepare for Vince Young’s Hall of Fame speech.


  1. Carolina blues: Panthers wideout extraordinaire Steve Smith may miss the preseason with a shoulder injury.
  2. Vince Young: I found it amusing that Cris Collinsworth basically stopped short of saying that Young would not make it with the Titans in the long run. Young has different ideas, stating he will be the next black quarterback to win a Super Bowl.
  3. Dropping like flies: Another day and more injuries for the Eagles.
  4. And another…: This just in…another Eagle went down.
  5. Self-promotion: If you’re a fantasy football nut, check out these podcasts that I did with colleague Andy Goldstein, previewing quarterbacks and running backs.
  6. The NFL and divorce: NFL players and marriage don’t mix. How stunning.
  7. Karma time: Kurt Rambis takes over as the head coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves, replacing Kevin McHale. Only fitting…
  8. Hall of Famers: The Sporting News takes a look at current players who could be headed to Canton.
  9. Madden 2010: Here is an early word on Madden 2010, which comes out on Friday.
  10. Bowe benched: New Chiefs head coach Todd Haley decided to sit down Dwayne Bowe.

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