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Pats/Bills MNF Blog: The Return – Quarter 4

Natalie clad.

Natalie clad.

9:28: Brady leads a FG drive. 17-13 Bills. Ehhhh, I don’t know about this one. Brady just isn’t playing with the usual verve.

9:35: T.O. pass interference…we’re at the end folks. Father time is in Buffalo.

9:45: Woah. Jackson TD drive greatly aided by a roughing the passer call against the Pats. Another horrible call. When exactly are guys going to be allowed to hit quarterbacks again? 24-13 Buffalo


9:55: As if he heard me, Brady to Ben Watson for 6. 24-19 Bills

9:59: Leodis McKelvin…WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You know what is coming next….

10:02: Wow. Brady to Watson again…a rocket from Thomas. 25-24 Pats! Although, Pats miss the two pointer and  :50 seconds to go…and the Pats have looked shaky on defense tonight.

10:12: Operation Implosion is complete in Foxborough. The Buffalo offensive line blew up on the final drive and despite 100 laterals on the final play, the Pats survive, 25-24 Pats. Kudos to Suzy Kolber for dogged pursuit of Brady in postgame despite him trying to run off the field. Viva la Brady!

All things considered…sloppy performance by the Pats but they stole it in the end thanks to the inept execution of the Buffalo Bills. Goodnight and good football.

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