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SNF – Cardinals/Colts Live Blog – 1st Quarter

3-0 looms for Peyton.

3-0 looms for Peyton.

Week 3’s Sunday action closes with a rare matchup between two of the all-time greats, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner. One thing is for sure. The Cardinals will not run that ridiculous wildcat. Thank goodness. Also, no mentions of Jerryworld either. Thus, it should be a good time.

8:30pm: Good grief. It’s 110 degrees in Glendale, Arizona. It’s what they call a dry heat. No thank you.

8:34pm: Despite the NFL’s leading receiver entering Week 3 (tight end Dallas Clark) making a reception, the Cardinals converge on him quickly forcing a three and out from the Colts. It’s a stark contrast from last week when the Dolphins somehow allowed Clark to gain 183 yards receiving on seven catches despite limiting Indy to fewer than 15 minutes on the field.

8:39pm: These Coors Light commercials have jumped the shark. No mas please. When was the last funny one?

8:47pm: Tim Hightower botches a trick play to Anquan Boldin with a bad toss. Boldin has visions of former offensive coordinator Todd Haley and let’s him have it for the errant toss. Grumpy Boldin. Another punt.

8:53pm: The punt fest continues. We’re up to five now. Thanks for the broadcaster’s jinx Al.

9:00pm: We have our first Marcus Fitzergald reference of the evening from Al Michaels. For those wondering, Marcus is not active on Twitter tonigEdit Post ‹ Joe Montana’s Right Arm — WordPressht so far. The media crushed him. Did he really think no one would notice? Oh well. Anyways, his brother took a late hit trying to make a reception in Colt territory, which brings us to our first score of the evening! A Neil Rackers field goal puts the Cards on the board. CARDINALS 3, COLTS 0

9:03pm: Peyton’s arm is hit as he throws and it leads to an Antrel Rolle interception. Even though it is a short return, Michaels’ call is far superior to the marathon effort of FOX’s Chris Myers a week ago.

9:09pm: Cards are on the move thanks to our second Boldin sighting of the evening…end of quarter.


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