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SNF – Cardinals/Colts Live Blog – 4th Quarter

The good time gang.

The good time gang.

10:51: The man who vanquished the ’06 Patriots, Marlon Jackson, intercepts Kurt Warner and we’re off and running into the fourth.

10:57: Michaels is putting forth an all-pro effort with Garcon. He explained the mark below the C on Garcon’s nameplate. It’s called a sedilla (sp?) and causes the C in Garcon to have a soft sound so that people don’t pronounce it Garkon. You could only learn this from Al.

10:59: Dwight Freeney is out with a leg injury but it seems to be of little consequence at this point. Vinatieri tacks on three more.


11:10: Al reminds Collinsworth of his description of the ’08 Cardinals as “the worst team to ever make the playoffs.” Obviously, that was way off because the worst team to ever make the playoffs might be the ’89 Steelers. Bubby, Hoge, Lipps…need I say more?

11:19: Oh dear god. Warner rekindles memories of Bob Griese in Super Bowl VI and takes a 28 yard sack on 4th and 15. Ouch. Hit Matt Leinart’s intro music.

11:31: Hats off to the Colts. They were beaten from pillar to post six nights earlier and somehow pulled that game out. Then, they came back traveled cross country and beat the defending NFC champion by three touchdowns. Not a bad day at the office. All of a sudden, they are 3-0 and the Titans are 0-3. Game. set. match. Barring Jim Sorgi appearing for an extended period of time this season, the Colts are the 2009 AFC South champions. That’s right. I just called a division three weeks into the season. Trust me. We’ve seen this movie before. We know how it ends.



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