Day: October 18, 2009

Cliff’s Turn

[picapp src=”f/1/0/f/National_League_Championship_3e9f.JPG?adImageId=6113824&imageId=6841399″ width=”234″ height=”476″ /] Phillies vs. Dodgers…Game 3…NLCS. It’s ok to open your eyes and watch Philadelphia.

Kate Hudson Saves All

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=kate+hudson&iid=5831194″ src=”4/a/5/e/Kate_Hudson_at_9a36.JPG?adImageId=8517953&imageId=5831194″ width=”380″ height=”261″ /] Bill Simmons made an interesting point on his Twitter last night. Sports fans operate in a universe these days where the two most clutch players are Alex Rodriguez and Peyton Manning. Does anyone find that bizarre? Seriously, these guys embodied […]