Month: November 2009

Week 9’s Face of Defeat

[picapp src=”d/f/d/8/Bucs_vs_Packers_4487.JPG?adImageId=7281442&imageId=7005279″ width=”380″ height=”244″ /] Look Aaron…you seem like a nice kid. You’re a tough kid who had to deal with “Minnesota QB #4” for all of those years in Green Bay. However, a word if I may. THROW THE BALL AWAY! It’s ok. Really. What sounds better? […]

Hi-C Orange

[picapp src=”b/e/3/4/Green_Bay_Packers_43c8.jpg?adImageId=7281328&imageId=6998677″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] Seriously, how glorious are these jerseys?!?! Just get it over with and buy one here.  No wonder the Bucs shocked the Packers on Sunday. Playing against a faulty offensive line did not hurt either.

Video of the Day: Fight Time

Well, when your team isn’t good just start fighting people. That’s exactly what Chicago’s Tommie Harris and Washington’s DeAngelo Hall did on Sunday. Roughly 65 seconds into their battle with the Arizona Cardinals, Harris punched Arizona offensive lineman Deuce Lutui in the head. The decision to eject Harris […]

Week 8’s Face of Defeat

[picapp src=”d/5/4/0/New_York_Giants_112c.jpg?adImageId=7094973&imageId=6952851″ width=”380″ height=”275″ /] Tom Coughlin WAS coaching one of the best teams in the National Football League just a few weeks ago. After getting p’wned by the New Orleans Saints 48-27 in Week 6, the Giants have fallen on hard times. New York’s woes continued yesterday […]