Brett Favre

John Clayton Says Favre Is Fifth G.O.A.T.

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ESPN’s John Clayton talked about how we are in prime-time for legacy improvement for quarterbacks. Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in particular have the most to gain with a Super Bowl victory. In fact, Clayton believes that a ring for Favre, who he puts at number five, will put him ahead of John Elway.

Here is a look at Clayton’s top 10:

  1. Johnny Unitas
  2. Joe Montana
  3. Otto Graham
  4. John Elway
  5. Brett Favre
  6. Dan Marino
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Peyton Manning
  9. Terry Bradshaw
  10. Bart Starr

If you’ve followed this blog somewhat, you know my feelings on this whole quarterback debate. It’s difficult to place quarterbacks at positions on a list because each guy had inherent advantages or disadvantages versus some of the other guys on the list. That’s why I think postseason play serves as such a huge barometer as to just how good these guys are.

Having said that, Favre can’t go above Elway if you’re ranking them. A beaten up Elway beat one of Favre’s best teams in Super Bowl XXXII. Granted, he had a ton of help from a monster run game but he made the plays when they mattered. Favre did not.

As for Brady/Manning, Clayton is dead on about Manning needing more Super Bowls than Brady to surpass him. Brady, who quietly has thrown up some playoff duds as of late, makes the big plays typically when he needs to. Watch Manning in a postseason game. Something just looks off with him. He just seems to be a different and slightly more uncomfortable player. We could continue that argument forever and a day but back to Favre.

With another Super Bowl victory, Favre at least is in the discussion. His postseason play over the last decade has been atrocious which is why its hard for me to even bring up the subject of bumping him up a few levels. However, playing at this level at 40 is ridiculous and assuredly will count for something.

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