JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: The Lies That Bind

Baseball season is here! However, the NFL Draft lurks in the shadows…

Warren Moon is unhappy that some consider Auburn quarterback Cam Newton to be phony. This diatribe led to Moon dropping the race card.

Remember, the Brett Favre/Jets masseuse fiasco? Finally, the Jets respond

LeSean McCoy still owes a nightclub $2500 after failing to appear.

New York Times ran a feature on the Phillies’ tremendous pitching rotation. Well, four-fifths of it that is.

Madden ’12 will display concussions in a far different light in its next edition.

The Ravens want Joe Flacco to wait before signing him to a new contract. This does not make Flacco happy.

Charlie Sheen did not win in Detroit last night.

The Cowboys can’t talk to their troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant during the lockout but they are very worried.

Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive tournament is reaching its conclusion. Clearly, this matchup is the equivalent of 1982’s Georgetown/North Carolina national championship game.

You may still have time to gamble on Wrestlemania matches. calls Bill Moyers “the Brett Favre of PBS.”

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