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Peggy Olson Departs SCDP

The end?

We interrupt this NFL-centric blog to romanticize Elisabeth Moss’s demure Mad Men character Peggy Olson, who decided to woman up and leave SCDP during last night’s show.

While Joan played prostitute for a night to land the Jaguar account, our beloved ex-secretary was on a mission to find her self-worth.

We should have seen this coming. Peggy drifted into the background this season for numerous reasons but at the same time, began to outgrow the metaphorical box that women were held in during the 1960s.

She smoked pot, became progressive (just ask Dawn, the black secretary that slept in the office until Peggy offered her apartment), and decided to live with another man without being married to him, which at the time according to Peggy’s overbearing mother was sinful.

When Peggy decided to give a random guy a hand job in the movie theater weeks ago, it only seemed inevitable that the world was going to have to deal with “Peggy Olson – Trailblazing Woman”.

As Don kissed her hand in an endearing moment during their final scene together on Sunday night, she steadfastly pulled away from her mentor and started a new journey in her advertising career.

I’m hoping that this isn’t the end of Peggy on Mad Men and honestly, I don’t see how it could be.

If they can devote time to a plus-sized Betty Francis eating Ho-Ho’s and squirting whipped cream in her mouth, I demand Peggy stay on the ship.

There is just too much between Peggy and Don on a professional level to have it end this way.

To paraphrase what Dusty Rhodes said to Ole Anderson some three decades ago, “it will never be over…”

Until next time Peggy.

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