New York Giants

World Champion Giants Are Not World Champion Hazers

Prior to using Wayne Hunter as a turnstile and nearly beating Mark Sanchez into submission on Saturday night, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was busy terrorizing one of his own teammates.

In a video posted by Giants punter Steve Weatherford on Saturday morning, Pierre-Paul tosses cornerback Prince Amukamara into a cold tub of water.

Weatherford tweeted an apology regarding the incident and its distasteful nature. Also, head coach Tom Coughlin denounced the situation by calling it “inappropriate.”

While JPP’s dump of Amukamara isn’t necessarily the problem, some of the language thrown around by the Pierre-Paul was not exactly in good taste.

JPP, stick to sacking the quarterback and leave the chicanery to your Super Bowl MVP quarterback – dubbed the “Godfather” of pranks.

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