Baltimore Ravens

The Orioles Honored The Super Bowl Champion Ravens…Without The Ravens


Perhaps there is some lingering anger over from the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens after being forced to open their 2013 schedule on the road due to a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles.

Unable to reach an agreement, both parties returned to its respective corners…or so it was assumed.

During its home opener, the Orioles paid tribute to the Super Bowl champion Ravens. However, no member of the Baltimore Ravens organization was in attendance.

So, what gives?

According to the Baltimore Sun and team spokesman Patrick Gleason, the Ravens had to wash their collective hair:

However, due to conflicts of schedule and prior commitments for each person, unfortunately, today didn’t work out,” said the spokesman, Patrick Gleason, in an email. “It was determined that those invited would try to reschedule an opportunity to attend a different game this season.

I’m guessing the Ravens will continue to be busy for much of the remaining spring and summer.

Clearly, the Orioles could been a bit more understanding to the Ravens and agree to move their night game to earlier in the day. However, the Orioles appeared to not lift a finger in the matter.

Angst between baseball and football teams in a city is nothing new.

In Philadelphia, there appears to be some sort of unfriendly relationship between the Phillies and Eagles.

Naturally, these feuds stem from top dog syndrome. Winning can often change who holds a city’s top spot in sports.

Long viewed as the unofficial heavyweight champs of Philadelphia sports, the Eagles continuously chase the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Birds watched the neighboring Phillies appear in five straight postseasons from 2007-2011; winning five consecutive division crowns, reach back to back World Series, and grabbing the ’08 title.

During the same period, the Eagles reached one NFC title game (losing to Arizona) and won just two playoff games.

A similar relationship appears to be taking place in Baltimore. The Ravens have only been in Baltimore since 1996 but have won two Super Bowls in that period with a transcendent Hall of Fame player, Ray Lewis, serving as the face of the franchise.

Conversely, the Orioles have resided in Baltimore since 1954 and own three world titles – but none since 1983.

As Janet Jackson said back in 1986…“what have you done for me lately…ooh ooh ooh yeah.” 

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