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Live Game Blog – NBA Finals Game 7: Spurs vs. Heat


Tonight (and for the first time since 2005), we’re treated to a rare NBA Finals Game 7.

Might as well partake in the festivities and watch in horror as the Miami Heat win their second straight NBA title…

9:08 – The Helmet Catch Super Bowl between the Pats and Giants is the closest comparison I can come up with for what happened to San Antonio in Game 6. Luckily for the Spurs, they have a chance to fix that awful loss.

9:11 – And yes, LeBron is wearing his headband of doom.

9:14 – Tim Duncan with the steal and jam like he’s Charles Barkley…Spurs up 6-2.

9:21 – Spurs lead by five. Both teams look a bit clunky to start, as illustrated by that absurd Tim Duncan fast break and flush.


9:27 – Ginobili with two fouls…Both teams look like they are playing with a hangover after attending a wedding the night before.

9:30 – I’m nervous just typing during this. Can’t imagine how they feel.

9:32 – Interesting that LeBron is averaging only 23 points in this series. However, if Miami wins, he’s a lock to win MVP. He’s done too much outside of scoring.

9:38 – First quarter in the books and it’s a grisly one. At least it’s still close. Spurs shot 31% to Miami’s 36%.


9:42 -Shane Battier files his application for Game 7’s unsung hero with his third three-pointer. Heat up 5.

9:47 – Bill Russell makes an appearance on TV. Clearly, an excuse to post this doozy from Miami Vice:

9:51 – This game is out of Danny Green’s pay grade tonight. Hasn’t hit a shot yet.

9:58 – Crazy finish by LeBron for a three point play to put the Heat by a trey. Both teams laboring offensively. Neither team may hit 90.

10:09 – Heat by three but this makes me sad:

10:13 – A Spurs run puts them up by a pair with over a minute left until Dwyane Wade’s knees tie the game up at 42.

10:19 – Sloppy Game 7 through the first half with the Heat holding a slight lead. I can only hope it’s as entertaining as this Game 7:


10:34 – Pop accurately sums up Game 7’s first half:



10:40 – A tight one in Miami with the Heat leading by two. Tonight is not Danny Green’s night.

10:41 – The dream is over for Danny Green.

10:44 – Tied at 54.

10:49 – Danny Green finally joins us to give San Antonio a 57-56 lead.

10:54 – We’re heating up! LeBron 3’s! Kawhi! Boris Diaw?! Spurs up 1.

10:58 – No points from Bosh tonight…

10:59 – The wonderful Kawhi Leonard:

Kawhi11:02 – Remember when Shane Battier was in the Witness Protection Program during the series?

11:05 – Quarter ends with a wild sequence. Spurs grab a two-point lead only for Mario Chalmers to race down the floor and knockdown a huge three to put Miami up by 1 headed into the fourth quarter.


11:14 – Spurs down four. Rio three looming large. Phil Jackson is worried for SA:

11:18 – These two teams are gassed. Miami up 4. No one is surging in this game. LeBron and Kawhi Leonard are doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

11:26 – Miami with a six point advantage with under six minutes left. Time is running out on the Spurs. Ginobili with some terrifying turnovers.

11:32 – I can barely type at this point. Too nervous.

11:42 – HEAT UP 2….EJLR:EJRERJR:J!:JE$@#L:#JRER!!!!

11:47 – LeBron rocks the Spurs to sleep. Up 5 with 23 seconds left.

11:47 – Yup.

11:53 – It’s a wrap. Miami goes back-to-back. LBJ got them to the finish line with 37 points.


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