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The WWE Network Pick Of The Week: Love & Hate

photo(2)After some deliberation, I decided to purchase the WWE Network on its week-long trial period. Considering its vast amount of content, it’s easy to get lost for hours watching bad World Class Championship Wrestling matches from the 80s amongst other items.

Alas, I’m diving into six-month commitment with the network. Seriously, it’s the Pringles of the internet. Since signing up, I’ve consumed far too many hours of action from watching Starrcade ’83 to the early days of Monday Night Raw.

Thus, each week I’m going to share a pick for those of you that are enjoying the WWE Network or know how to pick your way through You Tube to find this stuff.

The first selection takes us back to 1991.

SummerSlam 1991 – August 26, 1991, New York City:

Emanating from Madison Square Garden, the WWE’s fourth summertime mega-card featured a wrestling rarity – a wedding earned main-event billing and actually closed the pay-per-view.

The Skinny: The pay-per-view centered around “The Match Made In Heaven” – the on-screen wedding of Macho Man Randy Savage & his beautiful manager, Elizabeth – & “The Match Made In Hell” – a tag match featuring the bizarro team of the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan squaring off against Colonel Mustafa, General Adnan, and the detestable Sgt. Slaughter with special guest referee Sid Justice.

Best Match: Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect. The Intercontinental strap was on the line as Hart defeated Mr. P in a classic battle. Hart’s win proved a to be a turning point in Mr. Perfect’s career. He wouldn’t wrestle another WWF match for two years due to a bad back injury. Meanwhile, Hart used this match to springboard his singles career.

Worst Match: The Natural Disasters vs. The Bushwackers. Was there ever a good Bushwackers match?

Best Moment: While Bobby Heenan confusing the Match Made In Hell with the Savage/Elizabeth nuptials was entertaining, so was his “visit” to see Hulk Hogan.

Weeks prior, Heenan began trumpeting the arrival of Ric Flair, “the self-proclaimed real world’s champion,” to the WWF. Heenan was at his fumbling and bumbling best, with Flair’s championship belt in tow.

Historical Significance: The famous story revolving around this show centers around the main event. Soon before SummerSlam, the Ultimate Warrior wanted some extra cash for his efforts. Vince McMahon relented and decided to pay him off. However, McMahon grew tired of the Warrior’s antics. Late in the SummerSlam main event, Warrior chased Adnan and Mustafa to the back as a part of the match’s proceedings. Upon returning to the back, McMahon allegedly fired the Ultimate Warrior. As the Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction looms in April, clearly the two sides patched up their issues.

Elsewhere, the Legion of Doom toppled the Nasty Boys to win the tag titles; former man-servant Virgil gained a hard-fought victory over his evil ex-boss Ted DiBiase; and the Mountie spent a night in a New York City jail after losing to the Big Boss Man.

Oh, and those two crazy kids got married…only for Jake Roberts to ruin the reception.

Overall, it’s not the greatest WWE pay-per-view but it’s extremely watchable.

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