Seattle Seahawks

Someone Thinks Bobby Wagner Is The 2014 NFL MVP

WagnerIn the aftermath of Aaron Rodgers winning the 2014 NFL MVP, it was revealed that Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner joined the MVP discussion.

A lone voice in the wilderness decided to cast their MVP ballot in favor of Wagner.

Oddly enough, J.J. Watt, who unanimously won the AP Defensive Player of the Year didn’t receive any competition from Wagner. Yet, someone figured to vote for Wagner as the MVP rather than Defensive Player of the Year.

Here is a rundown of the 50 votes for the NFL MVP award:

Aaron Rodgers – 31

J.J. Watt – 13

Tony Romo – 2

DeMarco Murray – 2

Tom Brady – 1

Bobby Wagner – 1

Incredibly, someone voted for Wagner, who missed five games as a part of Seattle’s Legion of Boom defensive unit. While Wagner is a tremendous football player, the argument could easily be made that he isn’t among the top three defensive players on his own team.

For now, the person who voted for Wagner to win MVP remains anonymous – and for his sake, I hope it stays that way. Folks that don’t take the process that seriously don’t deserve to vote.

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