Washington Redskins

How Bad Is The NFC East? The Washington Redskins Can Still Win It


The Washington Redskins are having a season to forget (again). However, their NFC East counterparts are keeping their flickering playoff hopes alive.

Amazingly, the 3-9 Redskins can still win the NFC East at 7-9 due to the inability and incompetence of the first place 6-6 Dallas Cowboys (who stunk out AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving Day) and second place 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles (who were getting laughed out by the Dolphins during an embarrassing loss).

It is a significant long-shot but here is how Washington can win the NFC East and in turn, host a playoff game likely against the loser of the NFC West race between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks:

  • Washington must win out.
  • The Cowboys must lose out.
  • The Eagles have to lose three of their remaining four games except for their Week 16 game at home against the Cowboys.

One component to this is that Washington plays Philadelphia in Week 15 and Dallas in Week 17.

This scenario is highly unlikely considering Washington must play at Green Bay on Sunday and before that, need Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears to beat Dallas on Thursday night. However, if they can ever get past the Packers on Sunday, things could get really weird.

If for some crazy season this scenario pans out, the Cowboys and Eagles have nobody to blame but themselves.

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