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Your Boy Barack Obama Is In Madden ’12

For the second straight year, President Barack Obama appears during the Super Bowl-winning phase of Madden. In this photo, Obama is receiving a jersey from the Maddenized Tom Brady after New England claimed a Super Bowl in the video game after defeating the Eagles 21-10.

The Madden ’12 Trailer

We may have to wait awhile for real football. In the meantime, here is the Madden ’12 trailer (complete with a cameo from the fake Vince Lombardi) that was released this week at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Madden ’12 is set to hit the stores on […]

My Pick For The Madden ’12 Cover

EA Sports decided to put the selection of the Madden ’12 cover athlete in the hands of the fans this year. The bracket style vote currently finds Browns running back Peyton Hillis with a comfortable lead over Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers in one semifinal. Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson […]