Madden '12

Peyton Hillis Is Your Madden ’12 Cover Athlete

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is your newest Madden cover athlete.

The hard-charging Hillis defeated Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in the finals to win the honor.

Good for Hillis but there is one item that makes me want to keep my original Madden cover suggestion in place.

While driving home on Wednesday evening, I listened to a Philadelphia sports talk station. The host stated that he voted for Hillis on the mere basis that he was white and that it was cool to see a white running back on the cover of Madden.

This same fellow proclaimed that it was acceptable to play the race card because the concept of a white running back was cool.

It is this type of warped thinking that makes me wonder if some talk show hosts should be allowed to communicate with llamas rather than human beings.

So, when the NHL ’12 cover athlete debate arrives, should I lead a petition to put Mike Grier of the Buffalo Sabres on the front due to dearth of African-Americans in hockey?

I mean, that would be cool, right?

Vote for Hillis because you like him or just dislike Vick for what he did to dogs.

Placing a vote merely because he is white smacks of foolishness.

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