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Hey, We’re On Twitter!

You can check out the random musings of yours truly on our Twitter page. Just search for joemsrightarm and that will lead you there. If Oprah is taking time out of her schedule to Twitter, I don’t really have any sort of excuse.

America Held Hostage By Favre…Again: Day 3

ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap reports that Brett Favre’s potential career restart with the Vikings depends on how much damage an X-ray reveals, which was sent to the Minnesota officials. Should Favre not require major surgery to his throwing arm, Schaap says he’ll sign with the Vikings. Meanwhile, the Vikings […]

The Tao of Brett

I don’t want Brett Favre to come back to the NFL. Not as a Viking. Not as a Packer. Not as a Jet. Not as a back judge. Not as an analyst. Nothing. Zip. I’m done. Whether Favre ultimately comes to a pact with the Minnesota Vikings is […]

Schedule Analysis: NFC

Yesterday, the NFL released its schedule for the 2009 season and as always it includes a bevy of intriguing games. Right off the bat, my biggest issue is the Dallas Cowboys. Despite missing the playoffs, releasing Terrell Owens and thus, losing a decent amount of sizzle in the […]

We’ll Miss You Harry: 1936-2009

When I attended elementary school in the mid 80s, the Phillies and the Sixers were the first two sports teams I became interested in. The Sixers won the title in ’83, which was one of my first sports memories and the Phillies were a few years removed from […]

Counting The Days…

The NFL will release its schedule in prime-time for the first time ever coming up on Tuesday night at 7pm. Both ESPN and the NFL Network will run their own schedule release shows to coincide with this special day. To be honest, I’m equally excited about the schedule […]

Bowlen Writes Letter To Bronco Fans

After the controversial trade of former Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen took matters into his own hands by issuing a letter to season ticket holders. Bowlen’s basic message was simple. It’s about the team, not an individual player. This letter is perhaps why Bowlen is […]