Brett Favre

The Tao of Brett

Someone, anyone, please make this stop.

Someone, anyone, please make this stop.

I don’t want Brett Favre to come back to the NFL. Not as a Viking. Not as a Packer. Not as a Jet. Not as a back judge. Not as an analyst. Nothing. Zip. I’m done.

Whether Favre ultimately comes to a pact with the Minnesota Vikings is a moot point because this is becoming a yearly exercise of futility. Why America still gets behind a man who is clearly displaying nothing but greed and selfishness is beyond me. This is about Brett Favre wanting to stick it to the Packers. It has nothing to do with winning a Super Bowl.

Quarterback is a position that historically is built for narcissism. Think about it for a moment. Whenever you play football at any level, odds are one of the three most unlikable people on the field is playing quarterback. In high school and college, they seemingly always dated the best looking girls; went to the best parties; and displayed behavior that often made them public enemy number one in certain circles.

Once arriving to the pros, it’s about money and legacy. Clearly, there are guys in the NFL over the years that sacrificed their ego for the improvement of the team. Favre is not one of them.

If Favre never won a Super Bowl, this behavior would be slightly more understandable.  Everyone would understand he has something to play for. Instead, this is about one man trying to make Packers general manager Ted Thompson and the rest of the Green Bay front office look like the first mates of the Ship of Fools.

It’s not about pleasing the masses of fans that have helped this guy make a living far beyond probably what he ever dreamed.  It’s not about pleasing the sportswriters who shamelessly eat up every little movement he makes (even they can’t possibly be supportive of this latest turn). It’s about one man’s quest to fulfill his own selfish, egotistical, and primal desire of playing for a team in the NFC North so he can attempt to stick it to Green Bay. That’s all he cares about.

If Brad Childress is dumb enough to let Favre to use his team as a revenge mechanism and commence Operation Destroy Green Bay, he and the Vikings deserve everything they are going to get on the field this season.

Favre and his caveman ways need to stay on the tractor in Mississippi. If he dares to come back, dragging that bad right arm with him, he ought to bring some humility along for the ride. Rarely does it end well for older quarterbacks. I can’t imagine it will end well for a self-serving gunslinger who is a decade past his prime.

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