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Week 6 Picks: Eve Of Destruction

FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND REALLY AMUSING PURPOSES ONLY. Cincy over Buffalo Denver over Cleveland Detroit over Chicago Jacksonville over Houston Minny over KC Jets over Redskins Cardinals over Steelers Dolphins over Titans Seahawks over Panthers Packers over Chargers Ravens over 49ers Patriots over Colts Eagles over Giants

Super Bowl Pickage

The 49ers and Ravens meet in the biggest and final game of the season – Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night. While the game is getting far more attention for the meeting of the Harbaugh brothers, these are two extremely talented football teams. Despite the dangers of this […]

NFL Week 16 Pickage

Week 16 picks…Happy Holidays!! REDSKINS 23, EAGLES 13 – Andy Reid is having a going away party in Philly and it will be a turnover-themed one. GIANTS 24, RAVENS 23 – Is Baltimore going to lose three straight home games? Why yes, yes they will. SEAHAWKS 17, 49ERS 14 […]

NFL Week 15 Pickage

Week 15 picks… GIANTS 23, FALCONS 20 – The Mattural meets Eli. Advantage Giants. Perhaps Atlanta will score more than two points. BRONCOS 30, RAVENS 23 – Flacco vs. Peyton? LOL’Z. The only concern for Denver here is that they last played a good football team in Week 5. TEXANS […]

NFL Week 14 Pickage

Week 14 picks… RAVENS 20, REDSKINS 17 – By no means do I think the Ravens are legit but I think they have a little wind left in the sails. SAINTS 27, GIANTS 20 – The Giants aren’t close enough to the cliff yet to begin their march […]