Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl Pickage

MontanaXVIThe 49ers and Ravens meet in the biggest and final game of the season – Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night.

While the game is getting far more attention for the meeting of the Harbaugh brothers, these are two extremely talented football teams.

Despite the dangers of this being a Super Bowl wrought with running plays and incomplete passes, at the moment, these two teams are the best of what the sport offers.

Time to pick it…

49ERS 27, RAVENS 24: A few weeks back I joked on the podcast about what would happen if Ray Lewis had to run down Colin Kaepernick and how ugly it could be. Baltimore is smart enough defensively to not put him in that situation with San Francisco’s speed on offense. However, I don’t like the matchup for Baltimore.

It was a mixed bag for the Ravens dealing with Washington’s read option in an overtime loss on December 9. The Redskins rolled up 423 yards including 179 on the ground.

Baltimore’s speed at linebacker is a bit suspect and their front-line pass rushers have seen better days.

While RGIII is a better passer than San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco’s offense possesses more weaponry than Washington’s squad.

It might take a bit for the 49ers to find a rhythm offensively but when they do…trouble lurks for Baltimore.

Defensively, I like the Niners versus Baltimore’s offense. While the Ravens have a lot of options, San Francisco has defensive playmakers that can muddy up Baltimore’s offense.

Joe Flacco has been great. However, this is easily the most talented and physical defense Baltimore has seen in the postseason.

Defense wins championships but tonight, so will the read option.

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