Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl XLVII Live Blog: Cash Money Brothers


The two guys who are siblings battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Who is up for awkward family dinners? 


6:15 – Both teams are on the field. The biggest upset? The Niners get California Love as their entrance song. Clearly, the biggest upset in the NFL since Super Bowl XLII.

6:17 – Jason Witten looking resplendent in a power blue suit accepts the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. Good for him.

6:22 – Alicia Keys sings the national anthem. Philadelphia 76er Evan Turner has some thoughts…

6:23 – Is Ray crying yet?

6:24 – Not crying but looks as if he has heartburn…

6:29 – Ravens win the toss and use the Belichick Second Half Possession of Doom* move and elect to take the ball in the second half.

*New England is notorious for winning a coin toss and then deferring kickoff for the second half in an attempt to score near the end of the first half and beginning of the second half without the opponent getting a touch.


6:32 – Kaepernick and the Niners out first from the SF 20.

6:33 – Niners line up illegally to lose a 20-yard catch by Vernon Davis on the first play of the game.

6:35 – The penalty kills the SF drive…not surprising that the Niners are messy on the initial drive.

6:37 – San Francisco playing like a young team. Flacco to Torrey Smith in the red zone…This will not be Ray Rice Day by the way.

6:39 – Flacco to Pitta is too high on 3rd and 9…but the Niners were offsides. Woof. Not a good start for the 49ers. Undisciplined.

6:40 – Flacco to Boldin for a TD. Niners pay for their mistakes. Same throw in the New England game. Middle of the field. Seams me, please!

RAVENS 7, 49ERS 0 

6:44 – America.

Also…some inside info from Packer Desmond Bishop:

6:46 – Second possession for SF…

6:47 – Crabtree with a 19-yard catch. Something positive for the 49ers…

6:50 – Ray Lewis is in over his head in this game…Can’t deal with the 49er speed.

6:51 – Kaepernick to Davis down to the BAL 10. 49ers offense is getting momentum. Ravens are slow…

6:53 – Paul Kruger sacks Kaepernick on 3rd and goal…David Akers field goal attempt, which he buries from 36 yards out.


6:56 – Of course, what would Super Sunday be without a tweet from The Iron Sheik?

6:57 – Ed Reed is off to the locker room…woah boy.

7:00 – Flacco is out for a second possession…

7:02 – Niners playing pass straight up. Daring Ray Rice to be the star of the game.

7:03 – Flacco just did his best Eli Manning impersonation by eluding pressure and chucking a bomb downfield to Boldin for 30 yards. I have no idea how he completed that throw. Flacco is as slippery as 2002 Michael Vick in this first quarter.

7:05 – The Niners start tackling and devour Flacco on 3rd and long. Ray McDonald with the  sack. End of a fascinating first quarter.



7:09 – Next SF drive starts at their 20…

7:11 – San Francisco O running a Vernon Davis mixtape on Ray Lewis. Already across midfield after two Davis catches.

7:13 – Uh oh. Ravens catch a big break as LaMichael James fumbles after trying to get back to the line of scrimmage. Ravens ball. Too bad. Niners were p’owning Baltimore’s defense.

7:17 – Ravens start from their 25…

7:19 – Juggling catch by Ed Dickson. Attack of the tight ends for the Ravens on this drive.

7:20 – Another Dickson catch inside of the SF 10 is followed by a facemask on Donte Whitner. Cue up tight end score perhaps…

7:21 – I got one right! Dennis Pitta with a one-yard TD catch. Flacco is 10/13 with two scores.

7:24 – Are you ready for the Jim Caldwell Experience!?!?

7:26 – Oh and this…

7:28 – Kaepernick throws high and gets picked by Ed Reed, who is playing on one good leg. Pass intended for Randy Moss…

7:30 – Ravens takeover in Niners territory. This must be a field goal drive for San Francisco, period.

7:31 – It’s coming too easy for Baltimore right now.

7:34 – A drop by Boldin sets up 3rd down from the 14. Niners hold on an incomplete pass to Smith in the end zone.

7:36 – John Harbaugh calls a fake field goal and Justin Tucker is stopped about a yard short. Good idea..sort of. Risky gamble. Ravens roll snake-eyes.

7:38 – Good lord I hated the timing of that call. Not now.

7:40 – 49ers punt after the fake. So, the Ravens will have the ball with just over two minutes left and two cracks to extend the lead. Remember, Ravens won the coin toss and deferred.

7:43 – Niners definitely on the ropes a bit…Will need to score in the high 20s to win the game. At least, that’s the vibe you get watching.

7:47 – In other news, Taco Bell is the leader in the commercial clubhouse:

7:49 – Someone forgot to cover Jacoby Jones…told you. X-FACTOR ME! A Flacco bomb for six from 56 yards away.

RAVENS 21, 49ERS 3

7:53 – The Niners are marching with under two minutes left. Michael Silver makes a keen point about Chris Culliver, who was burned on the Jones TD.

7:57 – Bad move by Kaepernick. On 3rd and 2, he gets outside and should have hit Crabtree. Instead, he falls to the ground. Easiest sack of Ray Lewis’ career.

7:58 – Akers comes on to kick a short field goal to the end the half.


HALFTIME – Sorry, time to get my Beyoncé and eat on with a heavy emphasis on the eating. 

8:01 – A young lady analyzes San Francisco’s first half:

Back to Long Island Ice Teas for you.


8:30 – Thank you Beyonce, that was tremendous.

8:32 – Jacoby Jones just took the second half kickoff back 109 yards. No big deal. The fat lady’s door just got a tap. X-FACTOR ALERT.

RAVENS 28, 49ERS 6

8:35 – Niners probably need to go into Defcon 1 mode.

8:38 – Either the football gods don’t want to see anymore or the lights went out in the Superdome or both. Whatever happened, it also swallowed Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

8:45 – Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Theismann:


8:50 – Seriously, how does happen at a Super Bowl?

8:52 – Cue the conspiracy theorists!!!!

9:10 – Game finally resumes with the 49ers failing on a 3rd and 13. Punt!

9:13 – Ravens take over, looking to put the Niners in a sleeperhold…but forced to punt back to the Niners.

9:19 – Kaepernick has been dreadful. Not Craig Morton bad but terrible.

9:21 – Sweet mother. 49ers use a timeout. Odds of SF winning this game are minimal after that.

9;24 – Crabtree scores after terrible tackling by the Ravens. A 31-yard score. Finally, life.

RAVENS 28, 49ERS 13

9:28 – Ravens need to be careful here. A three and out gives the 49ers some life.

9:30 – Woah boy. Game on. Flacco gets baptized by Ahmad Brooks. Three and out for the Ravens.

9:31 – Big return by Ginn into the red zone after a brutal punt. All of a sudden Ravens playing like Jaguars.

9:33 – You know how to give up a big lead? Allow quick scores. Gore goes in for the Niners from six yards away. Niners with two scores in under two minutes.

RAVENS 28, 49ERS 20

9:40 – Ray Rice just put the churches money on the ground!!! 49ers ball.

9:42 – On 3rd and 7 from the BAL 21, Kaepernick gets greedy and goes for the end zone. Incomplete. David Akers time.

9:43 – Akers misses…running into the kicker penalty though. Re-kick.

9:44 – This time from five yards closer, Akers gets it right.

RAVENS 28, 49ERS 23

9:46 – Delanie Walker annihilates Jacoby Jones on the kick return. Niners on another level physically.

9:48 – Boldin makes a big first down catch to Niners 35. Ravens desperately needed that one.

9:50 – Bernard Pierce gains a first down on a 3rd and 1 to close the quarter inside of the red zone.

9:52 – Terrible 15 minutes of football for the Ravens – blackout aided…



9:56 – Ravens trying to grind out a score inside of the 5. Two Ray Rice runs don’t get it.

9:57 – Ravens get a 19-yard field goal from Justin Tucker.

RAVENS 31, 49ERS 23

10:02 – A Randy Moss sighting…a catch into Ravens territory to the BAL 39.

10:03 – Colin Kaepernick puts Ravens lead on life support with a 15-yard TD run. Woah. That was also the longest TD run by a quarterback in Super Bowl history. The two-point play is a mistimed throw to Randy Moss.

RAVENS 31, 49ERS 29

10:08 – Ed Reed should have tried to take a handoff on that two-point play. So offsides.

10:16 – Mega gamble by Jim Harbaugh. He challenged the spot on an Anquan Boldin catch. Short of the first. 3rd and inches from near the 50.

10:17 – Another great play by Anquan Boldin. Big first down catch to the SF 40.

10:19 – Five minutes left and ticking…

10:20 – Niners get called for offsides on a 3rd and 7. Woof.

10:21 – Pitta can’t come up with a catch on 3rd and 2 from the SF 20. Field goal time. Should have caught it.

RAVENS 34, 49ERS 29

10:23 – Akers not needed probably for the rest of the way.

10:26 – Vernon Davis drops a long throw. Tough catch but just as well. Blatant hold missed to keep play alive.

10:27 – Frank Gore y’all…BEAST. San Fran slashing and burning Ravens run D inside of the BAL 10.

10:30 – Two-minute warning! Baltimore has all three timeouts. SF with 2.

10:32 – Third and goal after an incomplete pass…

10:33 – 49ers burn a timeout instead of taking a delay of game penalty from the 5 on a 3rd and goal.

10:34 – 4th and goal for the title…no big deal.

10:37 – Kaepernick throws incomplete on 4th down. Crabtree was held but good no-call. San Fran should have used run play with Kaep at some point. Ravens were gassed.

10:39 – Ravens run a few plays and punt with just 11 seconds left. Safety is probably the best option. Ginn almost broke one earlier.

10:40 – Ravens take a safety.

RAVENS 34, 49ERS 31

10:44 – Ball game.


SUMMARY: Joe Flacco is your MVP and well-deserved. San Francisco is going to hate itself for a long time after that loss. Clearly, owned the second half but ran out of steam late. Plus, the decision not to run Kaepernick at the goalline is insane.

Sometimes in the NFL, it’s just someone else’s time.

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