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Vick To The Birds

Michael Vick will play for the Eagles this season after signing to a two year deal. That’s not the best part though. Eagles Nation is not happy. Here is a sample of the Facebook status messages since the Vick signing from Eagles faithful: Advertisements

Rich Man, Rich Man

The Eagles/Donovan McNabb saga is over…for now. The team gave McNabb a restructured deal that will net him an extra $5.3 million over the next two seasons. McNabb’s restructured deal raised the question of “why not an extension?”

The Westbrook Affair

By the end of 2009, Brian Westbrook and I will have something in common. We will both be the tender age of 30. While I’m fine with hitting my next decade, the age milestone marksĀ  perhaps the end of Westbrook’s run as one of the league’s great all-around […]

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow Eagles Fans

While it sounds great on paper to keep him, the Eagles did what the Eagles normally do. Just ask Bobby Taylor, Jeremiah Trotter, Troy Vincent or Hugh Douglas. All of them helped propel Philly to a Super Bowl contender but when they couldn’t help the team get over the hump, it was time for them to move and the franchise acted accordingly.

Financial Apology…WHAT?!?

According to Yahoo sports, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb plans on asking the team for more money on top of the two years remaining on his contract. As Yahoo puts it, a “financial apology” of sorts may be what he is looking for after being benched by Andy Reid […]