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Live Blog: Eagles vs. Cowboys – The Big Payback

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I couldn’t resist live blogging this one. In its infinite wisdom, the NFL once again scheduled the Eagles versus the Cowboys to close the regular season. This time, both teams are in the playoffs but the NFC East title is at stake and for the Eagles, a number two seed in the playoffs. Essentially, a Philly win could mean a visit from a certain age advanced quarterback that plays in Minnesota in round two.

4:16pm: A short gain of five by Jason Witten on the game’s first play. One thing is for sure. The Eagles will not do a good job covering Witten…or perhaps stopping Marion Barber. Long run by MB III to get the first Dallas drive off and running.

4:20pm: PI versus Sheldon Brown to continue the Dallas drive in Philly territory. MB III again with a first down run. It’s early but remember Dallas has not won a playoff game since 1996. Meanwhile, if Philly doesn’t get a #2 seed, is that the end of their season? Hardly. They’d have a chance against anyone in the NFC. This is a MUST-WIN for Dallas, period. They don’t win and they have no shot to make it to the Super Bowl.

4:24pm: NEWS FLASH…EAGLES STILL CAN’T COVER WITTEN. Touchdown for Romo’s BFF from 10 yards out. COWBOYS 7, EAGLES 0.

4:31pm: Rut-roh. Mc5 gets housed by the Dallas pass rush and is cleaned up by Bradie James. Punt time. Bizarre NFC East note this season. Every team excluding Washington has earned a series sweep versus division competition. No splits so far. Dallas swept Washington and got swept by the Giants; Philly swept Washington and the Giants. NYG swept the Skins and Dallas but got swept by the Eagles. An ominous note for the Birds.

4:39pm: Joe Buck just commented on the big legs of Miles Austin. Good times.

4:40pm: Joselio Hanson saves the possession for Philly by an interception of Romo on a tipped ball inside of the Philly 10 yard line. The Eagles desperately needed that. I’m watching the game with my dad. He went from being pensive to essentially saying the Cowboys were done. Let’s cool the jets there Pop. Looong way to go.

4:47pm: END OF 1….COWBOYS 7, EAGLES 0. We’ll be back right after this message from our sponsors…

4:55pm: Donny Mac misses a wide open Jeremy Maclin on 3rd and 8. They follow it up with not having the right personnel on the field and thus, have to use a timeout. Oh geez. I’ve seen this movie before. They better wake up and fast.

5:02pm: Witten check. Eagles still not covering him.

5:06pm: Long Austin catch sets up shop for Dallas deep in Philly territory…oh boy. Here we go again.

5:11pm: Dallas runs the old in-between on Sheldon Brown as Roy Williams runs underneath him and it leads to a touchdown catch by Patrick Crayton. COWBOYS 14, EAGLES 0. McNabb has that look on his face…you know the one. The “I really don’t feel good about this one” look.  Ugh.

5:19pm: Oh lord. After a McNabb to Jackson long catch into the Dallas redzone, 5 drops a low snap from backup center Nick Cole. Recovered by Buck’s second favorite Cowboy, Jay Ratliff.  Dallas football. An awful first half by the Eagles.

5:21pm: Good news for Eagles? Witten hasn’t caught a ball on this drive? Bad news. Austin and Crayton playing like Irvin and Harper.

5:27pm: Buck just called the relationship between Roy Williams and Tony Romo embarrassing after an incomplete pass on third down. Very true Joe. A 44 yard field goal builds the Dallas lead. COWBOYS 17, EAGLES 0.

5:36pm: The Eagles just threw a pass in the flat with under :15 seconds left in the first half. Westbrook gets tackled in-bounds. I can’t figure out what they were trying to do there. End of half. This is the same Eagles season over and over again. Somewhat ok start. Awful middle. Good tailend and then disappointing in January.

5:40pm: HALFTIME…COWBOYS 17, EAGLES 0. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome today’s halftime performer….the Godfather of Soul…James Brown.

5:54pm: It’s 4th and 2 from the Dallas 35 for Philly on the first possession of the third quarter. The Eagles are down 17. What do they do? Opt for a 52 yard field goal…Akers misses wide left. Conservatism at this time of the year when trailing on the road does not pay big dividends.

6:03pm: DeSean Jackson appears to be somewhat banged up. Excellent. Just wonderful.

6:05pm: Now, Brent Celek needs to be helped off the field. Wow, just now a good day at all for the Eagles.

6:08pm: Anyhow, here’s what I’m guessing for the playoff schedule next week:

Game #1 – Saturday NBC

#5 New York Jets at #4 Cincinnati Bengals

Game #2 – Saturday NBC

#5 Green Bay Packers at #4 Arizona Cardinals

Game #3 – Sunday FOX

#6 Philadelphia Eagles at #3 Dallas Cowboys

Game #4- Sunday CBS

#6 Baltimore Ravens at #3 New England Patriots

6:12pm: Dallas has another three and out as we’ve entered the transition stage of the game. In other words, this is the point where the Eagles storm back and make a game of it…I hope.

6:19pm: After a reception by MB III into Philly territory, Felix Jones takes it off the left side for 49 yards and a score. Goodnight folks. COWBOYS 24, EAGLES 0.

6:22pm: A comprehensive playoff preview for the NFC is on the way later in the week but I’ll throw this in there now in my best Vegas bookie language. The wild-card weekend winners in the NFC are real LIVE underdogs at NO and Minny on January 16 & 17. May the football gods be with you over the next few weeks Saints and Vikings supporters.

6:28pm: Troy Aikman noted a few moments ago that something is up with DeSean Jackson. He doesn’t seem to be running with the same verve as earlier on. The Eagles can’t afford to have him banged up, period.

6:32pm: Witten check. Still open.

6:33pm: Witten check. Still open again. END OF THREECOWBOYS 24, EAGLES 0.

6:37pm: Suisham misses a chippy 30 yard field goal for the Cowboys. Dallas fans will not be pleased if he’s kicking a season deciding field goal for them in the playoffs. That might not end so well for them.

6:39pm: I’d like to introduce the Eagles to someone while we have a moment…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Jason+Witten&iid=3363075″ src=”9/e/9/c/PicImg_Dallas_Cowboys_v_aaef.jpg?adImageId=8780847&imageId=3363075″ width=”380″ height=”517″ /]

That is Jason Witten. Cowboys starting tight end. Just an observation. Might want to check him.

6:49pm: Romo got dumped on his backside after a screen pass. Starts limping…since he hasn’t achieved Brady/Manning status no flag for a personal foul.

6:58pm: Witten. Still open. Crayton. Still open. Wow, you get into the back seven of the Eagles look out. They don’t want to tackle you.

7:08pm: Emmitt Smith is already rocking the 2009 NFC East Division Champions hat with two minutes to go. Oh boy, I can hear the callers going crazy on 610 WIP as we speak.

7:14pm: Mercifully, it’s over. Dallas wins the NFC East. Philly will be back in Dallas again next week.  I’m going to read angry messages on Facebook.


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