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Video of the Day: The Incredible Kurt Warner

Take a look at Kurt Warner’s amazing performance during the 51-45 OT win versus Green Bay on Sunday. Sorry Peter King. Give the man his due. He is a Hall of Famer. Saints beware.

Video of the Day: The Fingerpoke of Doom

This week’s theme around the NFL has been laying down. Whether it was the Curtis Painter/Peyton Manning debacle in Indianapolis or Pittsburgh’s LaMarr Woodley stating that New England and Cincinnati will lay down because they don’t want the Steelers in the playoffs, waving the white flag is all […]

Video of the Day: You and I

Not too much today on the Favre/Childress front except for a bit more information regarding reports of Brett getting an earful from Chilly following the game. This is the holiday season and everyone should be happy! At least until Monday night for Minny when it is back to […]