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Video of the Day: Sea of Hands

Last Fourth of July weekend, the NFL Network ran an America’s Game marathon. If you haven’t watched one of these docs yet, set aside some time to do so. They are amazing. This clip details the fall of the Miami Dolphins back to back Super Bowl winners in […]

Video of the Day: Tuxedo Time

When Blake Griffin is crying into his pillow over being drafted by the LA Clippers at some point within the next year, he can in part thank the debacle that is the NBA Draft Lottery. The infamous ’84 draft was the last time teams picked in order of […]

Video of the Day: We Looooove LA!

Not really. I’m a Sixer fan and don’t like the Lakers thanks to ’80, ’82, and ’01. However, since Hedo Turkoglu and the Magic took it upon themselves to eliminate my beloved Sixers from the playoffs, I’m all for Showtime slamming Orlando. Congrats Lakers fans and big ups […]

Video of the Day: NBA Finals!

Here is a countdown of the NBA Finals’ most clutch shots ever. As Game 1 of the ’09 Finals approaches later this evening, I’m hard pressed to choose a side. As a Sixer fan, the Lakers have humbled them in the Finals three times. Meanwhile, the Magic knocked […]

Video of the Day: Will and Conan

Last night featured the debut performance of Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show. His first guest was Will Ferrell, who as typically provided more than a few laughs including calling Liza Minelli a communist.  Will finished out his spot by singing Never Can Say Goodbye, a tongue in […]