Video of the Day

Video of the Day: Tuxedo Time

When Blake Griffin is crying into his pillow over being drafted by the LA Clippers at some point within the next year, he can in part thank the debacle that is the NBA Draft Lottery. The infamous ’84 draft was the last time teams picked in order of finish mostly due to the Rockets tanking the ’83-’84 season to take “The Dream” (this draft was also notable for the selection of Charles Barkley with the fifth pick by the 76ers while the Bulls took some dude with the third pick). Enjoy the hilarity of the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon in the tuxedo.

Speaking of the NBA, set aside about 30 minutes and read Bill Simmons’ article about the Clippers. One of the best NBA pieces I’ve ever read. The sad, funny, and amazingly inept Clippers get the full monty treatment from the Sports Guy. Vintage Simmons. In fact, assuming his book is tremendous (over 700 pages), he’s entered a writing zone the equivalent of ’87-’93 Jordan.

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