First and 10

First and 10: Today’s Ten Best Links: June 23

Not to worry folks. These links are Jon and Kate free. Seriously, stop talking about them. You’re only allowing the disease to fester….

  1. The Great Outdoors: Vikings head coach Brad Childress is taking a vacation from this Brett Favre by going fishing with an old friend.
  2. The Miami Sound Machine: The Dolphins’ involvement with musicians isn’t quite finished yet. The Estefans are buying a small stake in the Fish.
  3. Devil with a purple dress on: National Football Post’s Mike Lombardi compares Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick with Vikings head man Brad Childress of all people. It’s actually a dead on comparison.
  4. Pay attention!: Stop being disrespectful by using your Blackberry during meetings.
  5. Green, the color of money: Packers receiver Greg Jennings is set to become a rich man.
  6. No honor among thieves: A former aide and “friend” for John Edwards is shopping around a tell-all book.
  7. The Golden Age: Bill Simmons discusses baseball’s real golden age.
  8. Portis vs. Zorn: Clinton Portis says it’s not an issue…hmmm.
  9. Spain’s Erin Andrews: Allegedly, this woman is the Erin Andrews of Spain. I’ll take the Erin Andrews of America.
  10. Fashion pro: Clothing expert Vernon Davis (?) gives the lowdown on fashion and owns a “murse” (man purse). True story.

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