Video of the Day: Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing

I’m pretty sure I could pick up a set of golf clubs at any point the rest of my life and beat Charles Barkley. His swing is simply hideous.

Video of the Day: The Bachelor

I don’t watch The Bachelor but I feel compelled to post this video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Who needs DWTS when you have compelling TV such as this? Fellas, this video is one of the many reasons that many women get frustrated with guys.

So, This Whole T.O. To Buffalo Thing

Yesterday, the Bills agreed to a one-year, $6.5 million contract with Terrell Owens, in a move that has some scratching their heads. From a football standpoint, the move makes sense for Buffalo. Owens provides some punch to a Bills offense that offers little in explosiveness. Granted, Owens’ skills […]

Video of the Day: Jerry, Jerry

Listen, I’m not going to call Jerry Jones on the carpet but check out this video and tell me if this guy isn’t trying to play the game. I’ll give JJ credit though for handling his business in face to face fashion and swallowing over $9 million on […]

T.O. Is No More.

The Cowboys ended the Terrell Owens era Wednesday night  by releasing the star receiver, according to ESPN. Wednesday’s headlines went to Kurt Warner’s return to the desert and Ray Lewis signing a deal to stay in Baltimore. Get ready for the barrage of Owens related stuff Thursday.

Video of the Day: Brett

One year ago today, Brett Favre retired from the NFL…and then decided to come back months later wearing a Jets uniform. Despite his histrionics, they still love him. Here’s one of those sappy Favre tributes.