New England Patriots

Its Been A Brady Kind of Week

Once March Madness fades to black, the NFL will take center stage as we close in on April’s draft. However, this week has been full of Pats talk or Brady discussion specifically.

On Tuesday it was revealed that Tom Brady enjoyed marrying Gisele Bundchen so much last month that he decided to do it again, but this time in front of more friends and family.

Meanwhile, in Brady/NFL related news, the league made it perfectly clear that defenders on the ground unaided are not to lunge at a quarterback’s lower legs. Nowadays, the quarterback play is so essential and having one of the game’s premiere players on the shelf with a severe knee injury will not exactly go unanswered.

Lastly, the NFL took its first steps in releasing the 2009 schedule by announcing Week 1’s primetime games and the Thanksgiving schedule. Brady’s return to regular season action will wait until the season opener of Monday Night Football on September 14 when the Pats host the Buffalo Bills, who brought in some receiver to help their ailing passing game.

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