Video of the Day: Motherlover

Well, this isn’t exactly the meaning of Mother’s Day but Saturday Night Live’s Digital Short has a different idea. It’s not the spectacular D*** In A Box, but it’s not bad at all. Even Susan Sarandon makes a cameo. By the way, Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Hey, We’re On Twitter!

You can check out the random musings of yours truly on our Twitter page. Just search for joemsrightarm and that will lead you there. If Oprah is taking time out of her schedule to Twitter, I don’t really have any sort of excuse.

Video of the Day: The Shot

Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of “The Shot”, Michael Jordan’s jumper over Cleveland Cavaliers guard Craig Ehlo to decide the Bulls/Cavs first round playoff series in 1989.  Someone took it upon themselves to provide a dramatic interpretation of what happened in the huddle before and after the play. […]

America Held Hostage By Favre…Again: Day 3

ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap reports that Brett Favre’s potential career restart with the Vikings depends on how much damage an X-ray reveals, which was sent to the Minnesota officials. Should Favre not require major surgery to his throwing arm, Schaap says he’ll sign with the Vikings. Meanwhile, the Vikings […]

The Tao of Brett

I don’t want Brett Favre to come back to the NFL. Not as a Viking. Not as a Packer. Not as a Jet. Not as a back judge. Not as an analyst. Nothing. Zip. I’m done. Whether Favre ultimately comes to a pact with the Minnesota Vikings is […]

Video of the Day: Crazy Ron

The NBA playoffs are always an entertaining proposition. I know a lot of people who believe that the NHL playoffs are the best in terms of action. That’s complete folly. I’ll take the NBA playoffs anyday and Ron Artest is just one of the many reasons why. In […]

Jaguars Sign Holt…Five Years Too Late

The Jags inked former Rams wide receiver Torry Holt to a three-year deal. Jacksonville has lacked a suitable wide receiver since the days of Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell. The 33-year old Holt, who caught 64 balls for 796 yards and three touchdowns last season, will bring a […]