New England Patriots

Back In The Saddle Again

OTAs anyone!?!

OTA's anyone!?!

The NFL’s real golden boy made his return to the practice field on Tuesday with his teammates for the first time since suffering a season ending knee injury last September, as the Patriots began the first of four days devoted to OTAs (organized team activities).

While normally this particular set of activities is somewhat boring, Brady returning to practice takes on special meaning due to the manner in which his condition has been somewhat guarded over the past nine months.

The staph infection situation caused a bit of hysteria but besides doing a few random appearances and limited interviews, Brady has remained slightly invisible during most of this process.

Now, as the curtain rises on training camp in a little over two months, it’s time for the man responsible for the single greatest statistical season ever for a quarterback, to start dealing again.

Who knows if he’ll be 100% (history says QBs with those type of injuries are slow to return to form and in the case of Daunte Culpepper, maybe never) but according to early indications, he’ll be ready to roll.

One advantage he seems to have going in is that he’ll be armed with some solid weapons in the passing game to at least help him move the sticks before his sea legs return, sort of speak.

Also, his injury came at perhaps the best time for one to suffer such a harrowing ailment. When Carson Palmer suffered his major knee injury, that was during January 2006 and he managed to get back on the field in roughly seven months. Brady’s recovery has lasted a couple of extra months, which can’t do anything but help.

As the season draws closer, best believe that we will bust out comparisons between the other quarterbacks who endured similar injuries and what Brady may encounter.

Lastly, ESPN reported today that not only does Brady have his impending return on his mind but perhaps another addition to the Brady family.

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