Michael Vick

He’s Out.

Michael Vick is back home. He was released from a prison in Leavenworth, Kansas earlier this morning. Luckily, for the former Atlanta Falcon quarterback, he was able to evade the media on the way out of the prison. After spending 19 months in prison, Vick will head back home, where he’ll be under home confinement for the remainder of his sentence.

What’s next for Vick? Besides a possible role with the Humane Society, he’ll begin a construction job and rumors will fly as to if, when, and where he potentially lands in the NFL. Yesterday, Peter King’s Twitter page offered a few suggestions on what teams may sign Vick:

“Just got asked, “Who signs Vick?” I said, “All I can do is guess. But I would guess 3 teams: Saints, Raiders, Pats.” just a guess.”

King reiterated that these are just guesses and that he doesn’t know anything.

I think it’s relatively easy to figure out where he might go. First off, he can’t head anywhere that has a shaky perception amongst its fanbase  or anywhere that sports somewhat conservative ownership or management that has been burned by past controversial stars in recent years, which basically rules out about 75% of the league.

I’m guessing he would head to an east or west coast team because if he signs anywhere close to Atlanta, it’s going to be a fiasco.  Hence, King’s guesses of New England and Oakland make some shred of sense. The Saints are a wild-card because currently that doesn’t make much sense for them except to have Arthur Blank’s head explode twice a year when New Orleans and Atlanta play.

Anyways, none of this speculation means a thing if Roger Goodell gives Vick a thumbs down on returning.

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